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  • Milton Greenberg
    Continuing claims by the mainstream higher education community that "education is not a business" and is not susceptible to market forces will increasingly be viewed as a Luddite fantasy.
  • Polley Ann McClure
    Drawing an analogy between the sport of agility and the challenge of leadership in higher education organizations reveals some general and essential lessons about learning, communicating, and relationship-building. Watch a related video presentation.
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  • Rhonda M. Epper and Myk Garn
    What is the progress of virtual colleges and universities today, what are the implications of these entities for institutional leaders and policy-makers, and which VCU organizational models will be most effective in the future?
  • Paul B. Gandel, Richard N. Katz, and Susan E. Metros
    The institutional and pedagogical implications of massive information abundance require that higher education take a holistic approach, interconnecting information resources and the individuals who create and use these resources.


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