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  • Mary Ann Davidson
    As a society, we need to discuss the ethics, the economics, and the social implications of IT security. Academia has a critical role to play in beginning this discussion and in leading the effort to secure cyberspace.
  • Carole A. Barone
    "The more successful presidents are those who are capable of capturing a bold vision that casts their institution into a protagonist role and those who help campus community members understand how pursuing a set of goals will move the institution and its members forward."
  • Arnold Hirshon
    The four corners of the e-content prognostication diamond?communications technology, the communications business, e-content development, and the e-content business?can help us understand the present and plan the future of e-content in the academic world.
  • Vicki Suter, Bryan Alexander, and Pascal Kaplan
    New social software technologies can significantly enhance the value and effectiveness of the learning experiences and personal interactions that occur when people gather at face-to-face meetings.

Web Bonus!

  • Vicki Suter, Bryan Alexander, and Pascal Kaplan
    This extended online-only article adds scenarios, real-life vignettes, and links to resources describing in more detail how new social software technologies can support face-to-face experiences such as conferences and meetings.


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