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  • Kenneth C. Green, David Smallen, Karen Leach, and Brian L. Hawkins
    The directors of three widely cited and respected IT data-collection projects?the Campus Computing Project, the COSTS Project, and the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service?answer questions regarding the challenges and issues involved in the task of collecting data about campus activities.
  • Andries van Dam, Sascha Becker, and
    Rosemary Michelle Simpson
    An IT-oriented education research agenda can serve as a first step in the quest to build not only next-generation educational content and tools but also exemplary curricula in the broadest sense.
  • John Voloudakis
    Today?s need for faster responsiveness has brought about the "adaptive organization" strategic planning model for IT, whereby institutions focus not on planning but on sensing and responding to the changing environment in as close to real time as possible.

Book Excerpt

  • Joan K. Lippincott
    From Diana G. Oblinger and James L. Oblinger, eds., Educating the Net Generation
    Technology has led to more modernization than transformation of the library, resulting in some major disconnects between many of today?s academic libraries and Net Gen students.


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