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  • Michael M. Roberts
    The author, long involved in Internet policy, describes a few highlights of Internet development in the past, analyzes some of the policy factors at work in that development, and suggests some avenues for academic contributions to the successful evolution of the future Internet.
  • Sandra Braman
    Political, economic, and intellectual developments have shaped and continue to transform the U.S. agenda for research and information technology, resulting in key computational, networking, and data challenges for tomorrow.
  • Diana G. Oblinger
    "I believe that spreading and integrating the learning environment by building a setup that enables the mutual sharing of the world's educational resources is vitally important to higher education in Japan—and also to higher education in nations throughout the world."
  • Ali Jafari, Patricia McGee, and Colleen Carmean
    Reflecting on their recent research study, a systems designer, a pedagogist, and a learning researcher discuss the advantages and shortcomings of learning/course management systems and also what faculty, students, and administrators want from the next-generation e-learning environment.


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