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  • John Seely Brown and Richard P. Adler
    The building blocks provided by the Open Educational Resources movement, along with e-Science and e-Humanities and the resources of the Web 2.0, are creating the conditions for the emergence of new kinds of open participatory learning ecosystems that will support active, passion-based learning: Learning 2.0.
  • Richard N. Katz and Ted Dodds
    “To create a European system of higher education, people will need to be able to understand the nature of academic programs across borders and be able to assess the quality of different programs across borders.”
  • Donald Norris, Linda Baer, Joan Leonard, Louis Pugliese, and Paul Lefrere
    The action analytics of the future will better assess students’ competencies. Using individualized planning, advising, and best practices from cradle to career, these action analytics solutions will align interventions to facilitate retention and transitions and will fully maximize learners’ success.
Web-Bonus Article
Donald Norris, Joan Leonard, Louis Pugliese, Linda Baer, and Paul Lefrere


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