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Brad Wheeler
As the second decade of the public Internet reveals a desire for immediate access to greater certitude, CIOs and other campus leaders have an opportunity to rethink how questions find answers that are good enough or quick enough for the context of need.
Debra H. Allison, Peter B. DeBlois, and the 2008 EDUCAUSE Current Issues Committee
EDUCAUSE presents the top-ten IT-related issues in terms of strategic importance to the higher education institution, as revealed by the ninth annual EDUCAUSE Current Issues Survey. This year, Security moves back to the top of the list.
John Windhausen Jr.
The economic and social future of the United States depends on answering the growing demand for very high-speed broadband connectivity, a capability termed “big broadband.” Failure to take on the challenge could lead to a decline in global competitiveness and an inability to educate students.


Elson S. Floyd
Fran Berman, Ardys Kozbial, Robert H. McDonald, and
Brian E. C. Schottlaender
James G. Neal
New Horizons
Chris Dede
Rebecca Gould and Elizabeth Unger
Dewitt Latimer
Cynthia Golden

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