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James R. Bottum, James F. Davis, Peter M. Siegel,
Brad Wheeler, and Diana G. Oblinger
Cyberinfrastructure permits a new kind of scholarly inquiry and education, empowering communities to innovate and to revolutionize what they do, how they do it, and who participates.
Francine Berman
Providing an evolving foundation for 21st-century research and education, cyberinfrastructure is both a focus for invention and an accelerator of innovation, linked through a trajectory that begins with design and evolves to broad-based use.
David Green and Michael Roy
What is the current thinking about cyberinfrastructure for the liberal arts, what models for transinstitutional collaboration and institution building are emerging, and what steps can campuses take to move this agenda forward?
Mark C. Sheehan
Drawn from a recent ECAR research study, this article addresses the importance of five CI technologies to various academic areas in research and in teaching and learning at present and how survey respondents think the importance of these technologies might change in the near future.
Web Bonus
Patrick Dreher and Guy Almes
The co-chairs of the EDUCAUSE Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CCI) Working Group provide background on the group and its activities in the area of higher education cyberinfrastructure.


Molly Corbett Broad
Amy Friedlander
Gardner Campbell
New Horizons
Bryan Alexander
John E. Kelly III, Timothy Lance, and Edward Reinfurt
Jack McCredie
Mark A. Luker

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