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The Campus IT Policy Workshop was held July 18-19. View the presentation slides:

Policy challenges that require collaboration among campus IT staff and their non-IT counterparts are increasingly common:

  • Why can’t we use data from transcripts for alumni fundraisers?
  • Why is it a bad idea to publish student tweets on our student recruitment website?
  • Why can’t IT staff enforce copyright compliance by excluding violators from the campus network?

The Campus IT Policy Workshop is a hands-on learning experience for campus IT staff who find themselves engaging with policies that go beyond IT, and their non-IT counterparts whose work depends on IT.

You'll learn from seasoned practitioners using case studies and hands-on activities focused on the importance of campus policy and how it impacts on IT services. This workshop teaches:

  • The differences between policy, procedures, best practices, and guidelines, and when a policy is necessary.
  • How compliance overlaps with policy, and what to do in absence of compliance requirement.
  • How to approach issues from a policy process perspective.
  • The basic steps involved in developing IT policy, including working with others on campus.

Key takeaway: The workshop will guide you through the development of a campus policy plan that you can immediately put into practice when you return from the workshop.


Kent Wada

Kent Wada
Director, Strategic IT Policy and Chief Privacy Officer
University of California, Los Angeles

Jarret Cummings

Jarret Cummings
Policy Specialist

Greg Jackson
Featured Speaker
Greg Jackson
Vice President


Who Should Attend

  • IT staff who would benefit from a better understanding of policy development
  • Policy staff who need to better understand IT's unique role in campus policies

To facilitate an interactive and engaging atmosphere, this workshop is limited to 30 participants.

Campus Policy Working Group

Learn more about the working group and its members who support the Campus Policy Program and its activities.