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EDUCAUSE Connect, new for 2014, is a highly interactive, action-driven event that will have attendees become participants. Across two-and-a-half days, you'll become part of a cohort that examines top IT issues from the tactical to strategic--with the end goal of determining solutions that make a difference.

How can your company, organization, or corporation get involved? Check out these options:

Sessions, Posters, and Roundtables

The educational content at Chicago Connect will focus on IT content anchors that significantly impact the mission of today's higher education institutions.

All corporate presentations, poster sessions, and lunch roundtables should fit within one of the broad anchors:

#1 Online Learning

Is your organization prepared and positioned for the future?
Online learning offers powerful opportunities to transform higher education. Student expectations are driving the way course content, scholarly information, texts, and data are accessed. Online course delivery has the ability to provide a wealth of data on student assessment and to contain costs. Higher ed institutions are implementing combinations of online, hybrid/blended, and face-to-face instruction. Participants in this track will investigate how their role influences or supports implementation of the appropriate models for their institution and how can they lead to help the transition to new online, competency-based, data-rich educational delivery techniques.

Guiding questions to share your innovative plans, strategies, and solutions

Organizational Strategy

  • What are the issues involved with online learning and how are you addressing them (e.g., accessibility, change management, copyright/licensing/OER, faculty and student preparation, marketing, learning spaces, scale)?
  • How are you innovating and experimenting with new technologies and delivery methods for online education (e.g., MOOCs, termless course delivery, flipped classrooms)?

Institutional Strategy

  • How does your institution's strategy for determining the mix of online, blended, and F2F courses impact content and financial, technical, and human resources?
  • How are analytics and data being used effectively to determine offerings, impact on student success, and student retention at your institution?

Impact on Higher Education

  • How do partnerships and collaboration across the higher education community (institutions, corporations, and organizations) support planning for online learning?

Areas of focus might include:

  • MOOCs
  • Online OER
  • Blended, online, F2F
  • Credit for online coursework, competency-based, accreditation considerations
  • Support, resources, budget, funding
  • Change management
  • Data rich educational delivery techniques
  • Accessibility (compliance and access to tools/resources)

#2: Enterprise Systems/Admin IT/Cloud

Is your campus prepared and positioned for the future?
Higher education's primary goals are focused on achieving academic excellence, producing learning outcomes, competing in the global world, and successfully recruiting, retaining, and graduating students. How can enterprise systems (e.g., ERP, LMS, library systems, CRM, content management) contribute to these goals? More importantly, how can IT leaders ensure these systems, whether they reside on campus, in the cloud, or as managed remote services, will support and improve institutional goals? Today's university business model is changing, and our challenge is to leverage technology to address institutional strategic decisions. The challenge for IT professionals is to determine if their campus is fully prepared to meet these changes.

Guiding questions to share your innovative plans, strategies, and solutions

Organizational Strategy

  • What innovative changes have you incorporated that effectively and efficiently utilize enterprise systems to improve business processes?
  • What enterprise systems have moved into the cloud, how was that move accomplished, and what were the challenges?

Institutional Strategy

  • How does campus governance participate in enterprise systems planning?
  • What are your institutional policies, procedures, and practices to address appropriate risk management, security, and privacy protections?

Impact on Higher Education

  • How do partnerships and collaboration across the higher education ecosystem (institutions, corporations, and organizations) support enterprise systems planning?

Areas of focus might include:

  • Bandwidth, infrastructure, and storage
  • Integration of processes and services
  • Risk management, security, and privacy
  • Outsourcing versus insourcing
  • Business processes and data management
  • Governance and strategic planning

#3: Mobile/BYOE

Is your organization prepared and positioned for the future?
BYOE (bring your own everything) and mobile technology have radically changed the campus landscape. Costs have shifted, and control has moved from fixed computing facilities to the mobile environment, affecting our central and distributed funding models. New technical support approaches are needed for faculty, students, staff, and vendors/developers as we provide mobile services to them. Evolving techniques, models, and strategies are critical for facilities and infrastructure, including appropriate risk and security management.

Guiding questions to share your innovative plans, strategies, and solutions

Organizational Strategy

  • What skills do your faculty and staff need to fully embrace mobile/BYOE on your campus?
  • How have your budget and/or support models changed based on the emergence of mobile/BYOE?

Institutional Strategy

  • What is your campus plan for mobile/BYOE, the development of tools and apps, and the "next big thing"?
  • How has your institution's approach toward risk management and security changed in the BYOE/mobile environment?

Impact on Higher Education

  • How do partnerships and collaboration across the higher education landscape (institutions, corporations, and organizations) support mobile/BYOE planning?

Areas of focus might include:

  • Support strategies
  • Facilities and infrastructure
  • Security and risk management
  • Shifting costs, closing labs, shift of control (e.g., devices, apps, data)
  • Development, design, and architecture
  • Accessibility (compliance and access to tools/resources)


Corporate and Campus Facilitated Discussion Sessions Sold Out 

Each 45-minute interactive, facilitated discussion will address one of the above tracks from the institution's perspective. All session leaders should utilize 50% of the time on participant engagement activities, exercises, case study discussions, etc.

Includes one complimentary registration for attendance at Connect Chicago and all related functions.

  • $2,000 members
  • $2,250 nonmembers

Poster Sessions Sold Out

The poster session area includes tabletop displays for both corporations and institutions. Posters are displayed for one hour while attendees enjoy coffee and dessert, and focus on one of the above content anchors.. This is a fast and affordable opportunity to intermingle your display with institutional presentations and gain key access to your target audience.

Includes a 6' table, wireless access and one complimentary registration at Connect Chicago and related functions.

  • $1,750 members
  • $1,950 nonmembers


Roundtables Sold Out

Host an interactive roundtable at lunch addressing one of the tracks.

  • $1,200 members
  • $1,400 nonmembers


Sponsoring EDUCAUSE Connect: Chicago offers companies a prime opportunity to gain brand exposure and connect with an audience eager for your technology solutions.

Choose from the following sponsorship opportunities:

Conference Materials

  • Tote bag: Sold Out
  • Notepads: $1,400 Sold Out
  • Pens: $1,400 (company provides pens for tote table and meeting rooms) Sold Out
  • Print program: $1,400 outside back cover Sold Out; $1,000 inside back cover
  • Hotel Room Keys: $1,300 (plus production fees)

Conference Functions

  • Hotel Check-In Letter from sponsor, on company letterhead. (Accompany with a Gift - Optional): $1,400
  • Hotel Door Drop: $1,400 (plus ho tel fee)
  • General session: $1,750
  • CIO Roundtable: $1,750


Sponsorship benefits include:


  • Sponsor mention in preconference communications to thousands
  • Online directory listing
  • Company logo on conference website
  • Opportunity for a preconference direct mailing to registered attendees (no e-mail)
  • Recognition in the online agenda (for sponsored events)


  • One complimentary registration for attendance to Connect Chicago and related functions
  • Logo and directory listing in the print conference program


Contract and terms for participation

The following forms are required, and will need to be completed prior to participating at our conferences.

In the Contract to Participate, abstracts are required for presentations and poster sessions and rountable topics are required for lunch sponsorships.

  1. Print and fax to 303-440-0461, Attn: Corporate Relations
  2. Or, e-mail to


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EDUCAUSE provides many ways for your company to engage with the higher education IT community. Learn more or contact



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