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Resources for Connect Content Leaders

This page contains information and resources to assist you as a Content Leader at 2016 Connect Denver. If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us.

General Content Leader Information

Could you explain what my "Session Type" means?

Facilitated Sessions
Are 45-60 minutes each and will involve multiple Content Leaders ("connected" by EDUCAUSE), both experienced and first-timers.

Poster Sessions
Share campus experiences through informal, brief presentations focused on effective practices, research findings, or technical solutions. This 60 minute session, with multiple posters in the same room, gives participants the opportunity to examine challenges and solutions in a more casual, one-on-one environment.

Do I need to register to present?

As a Content Leader you must register in order to present. Be sure to register by February 3 to get the discounted early-bird rate.

Is there a Power Point template I should use for my presentation?

EDUCAUSE has prepared an optional PowerPoint template for your convenience.

How can I share my presentation materials, and should I include a copyright statement?

We invite you share your presentation by uploading your file(s) or URLs before, during, or after the event. To do this, log in to your EDUCAUSE profile and click on "upload" in the presentation section. Then follow the prompts to upload your resources.

We ask that you fill in your PowerPoint document's properties in the following manner prior to uploading the file:

Title: TITLE
Subject: EC161
Author: NAME(S)

If you password protect a PDF document, please make sure to enable the file to be read by a screen reader. It is our goal to make our resources easily available to those who use Adaptive and Assistive Technology to access files over the Internet.

You may use this copyright statement on one of your first slides:

This presentation leaves copyright of the content to the presenter. Unless otherwise noted in the materials, uploaded content carries the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, which grants usage to the general public with the stipulated criteria.

How will my onsite room be set up?

Our goal is to have all session meeting rooms (with the exception of poster sessions) set with round tables, provided the space will accommodate this seating style. There will be a highboy cocktail round provided at the front of the room, toward the side, for laptop projection. Whenever possible, the rooms are set to maximize interactive activities with participants and eliminate the "sage on the stage" approach.

Will I have access to audio/visual equipment?

All of the session rooms will have the following standard equipment:


  • LCD projector
  • Screen (sizes vary depending on room size but are typically 7.5 x 10)
  • Projector stand


  • Wireless handheld microphone
  • Wired lavaliere microphone
  • Computer audio patch

Will I have Internet access?

The following Internet connections will be available:

  • Wireless access will be available for presenters and participants. The connection speed will be sufficient for accessing and navigating web and/or e-mail pages.
  • One dedicated Ethernet connection will be provided in each session room and is preferred for Content Leader use.
  • Substantial bandwidth will be provided and should be more than sufficient for applications you wish to present. However, if you know that your presentation will require a significant bandwidth and have concerns, please contact Breanne Maxim.

Poster Session Presenter Information

Where can I learn more about presenting a poster session?

Poster sessions provide an opportunity to finely craft your information into a set of complementary components: text, graphics, demonstrations, and more. These poster sessions guidelines and techniques and tips will help you accomplish that. These sessions are informal and allow conferees to share campus experiences with colleagues on a one-to-one basis. Presenters convey information in several different ways, incorporating signs, graphs, and posters, as well as using personal laptops. Example 1 | Example 2.

What will my area look like?

The standard set includes:

  • One highboy cocktail round
  • Up to two Easels and two 40" x 30" foam boards (by request)
  • Assembly supplies (push pins, scissors, velcro, tape) will be available at the registration desk
  • Wireless Internet access

You may opt to bring a laptop as an additional resource for your session time. However, there will be no power outlets, equipment security, or storage available when you are not present.

Will I have Internet access?

All presenters will have wireless 802.11b access. The connection speed will be sufficient for accessing and navigating web and/or e-mail pages.

Do I have the option to ship or store my materials?

If you need to ship materials, send your materials to your hotel and labeled to your attention.

Corporate Content Leader Information

What are the guidelines for my session?

  • Session is designed to bring together corporate and institutional thought leadership communities, facilitate intentional dialogue, bridge R&D, and promote product development. The purpose of the session is NOT marketing or sales.
  • Eliminate company background information, marketing, and sales speak. This type of information should be provided through on-site collateral.
  • Focus on thought leadership and advancing the needs of higher education.
  • Keep the sessions interactive; ask participants about their needs.
  • Presentation materials and discussion notes should be captured and shared as a session resource.

Key Program Themes

Connect 2016 will be built on key program themes that are framed by the EDUCAUSE Top-Ten IT issues of the year.

Enterprise Service Delivery

How are you responding to IT issues, such as: cloud and infrastructure enterprise IT architecture, governance, risk management and network security practices, disaster recovery, changing conditions and new opportunities?

Leveraging Technology and Data

How are you responding to issues, such as: student outcomes, big data needs, predictive analytics development, business intelligence, metrics, policy development, and information access and management, as these relate to improving student success, effective teaching and learning, and using analytics to drive institutional outcomes?

Partnerships and Collaborations

How are you partnering for a collective understanding of IT deliverables with issues, such as: student success and retention, assisting faculty with IT instructional integration, accessibility, vendor relationships, generating revenue and recovering costs to fund IT, building coalitions and teams across campus divisions?

Staffing and Talent Development

Talent and Career Development
How are you responding to staffing issues and challenges, such as: doing more with less, financial planning, time and project management, evolving staff skills, successful mentoring relationships, effective teamwork, collaboration and communication, relationship management, and cultivating innovation?

Presenter Concierge

The EDUCAUSE Presenter Concierge is here to help you make the best presentation you have ever delivered and to ensure you use this professional development opportunity to the fullest extent possible.

How can the concierge help you? Find out more.

Bios and Photos

Please add your biographical information and photo to the agenda by establishing or updating your EDUCAUSE profile. Make sure that your privacy setting is not too restrictive. We recommend the option of "Limit to Authenticated (Logged-in) Users."

Key Dates

February 3: Early-bird discount and housing deadline

March 2–4, 2016: Sessions

Upload Your Presentation

To upload resources:

  1. Log in with your EDUCAUSE username and password
  2. Click the "Manage Your Profile" link
  3. Click the "Presentations" tab
  4. Click the "Upload" link for your session

Please keep in mind when using this feature:

  • Any files you upload will be visible to the public, including your session attendees.
  • Resources uploaded here will be archived in the EDUCAUSE Resource Center.

Contact Information

For answers to any speaker-related questions, please contact your speaker liaison, Breanne Maxim.