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Feb 13th, 2012
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Meeting Room 616A/B
Mountain Time
This session will provide an overview of the Open Academic Analytics Initiative (OAAI), funded under Wave I of the Next Generation Learning Challenges program, and highlight the development of a new strategy, referred to as an Online Academic Support Environment (OASE), for student interventions. The OASE leverages open educational resources, self-assessments, and interactions with learning specialists and peer mentors to engage students who are struggling academically and increase their likelihood of success. The presentation will also briefly discuss the development of an open-source predictive model and API for Sakai that will be released as part of this project.

Learning Objectives:
*Develop and deploy an online academic support environment at their institution
*Describe the power and limitations of learning analytics as it's understood today
*Describe the best practices related to deploying learning analytics and related intervention strategies
*Prepare to use the OAAI predictive model and contribute to its enhancement over time