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Conference Mission
The mission of the Emerging Learning Design Conference is to showcase best practices in design and implementation by bringing together those interested in engaging in a vibrant and dynamic discourse regarding pedagogy and how technology can better enhance it.

2013 Conference Theme – Learning As Disruption
The Emerging Learning Design 2013 Conference Theme is Learning As Disruption.  ”How learning occurs” has become the disruptive force that affects an educator’s decision process in all that occurs in the classroom, including pedagogy, curriculum design, and incorporation of technology of a course. Since Christensen’s book “Disrupting Class” began to influence the national (and global) conversation, learning as a disruptive force has been a hot topic in professional development, on campuses, and at conferences. When learning becomes the focus of education, the students’ experiences become relevant and motivating factors that drive what occurs in the learning experience, in or out of a classroom. As Apte pointed out in 2003, “learning is about transformation, it’s about change, it’s about seeing yourself in relation to the world differently”.  The 2013 ELD Conference Theme “Learning As Disruption” is designed to help presenter and attendee alike address this important issue.

The 2013 conference will take place on the campus of Montclair State University.  MSU is located in northern New Jersey, 14 miles west of Manhattan and is easily accessible by car, bus, or train.