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Aligning workforce planning with institutional goals


The number of students entering undergraduate places has expanded in the past year. A proportionate growth of the educational workforce is required to maintain the quality of teaching and research outcomes.


Accurately informed workforce policy can support the multi-faceted challenges and opportunities of a university such as:

  • Managing academic and research allocation
  • Assisting the advancement of technology in teaching
  • Addressing the leadership shortage caused by an ageing workforce


The need for an evidence based workforce planning has been identified by DIISRTE’s “Higher Education Staff Data Collection Review”. This is also echoed in the regulatory landscape with TEQSA requesting more robust data from institutions.


You will learn:

  • How to establish an evidence base for greater validity in reporting and transparency in compliance
  • How to develop a framework for workforce policy and planning
  • Strategies to attract, retain and recruit university staff in response to the changing needs of the workforce
  • The benefits of intra and inter-institutional collaboration to improve the quality and sustainability of current workforce planning strategies

“Close to half the Australian academic workforce intends to retire, move to an overseas university or abandon higher education at some time in the next 10 years.”
The Australian Higher Education, September 2011