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Jun 24th, 2014
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
Sound Room
Mountain Time
An important dimension of the LTL program is empowering participants to engage in problem solving, creative thinking, teamwork, and strategic planning. To this end, a team-based project has been designed to serve as an underlying theme throughout the program. The MTC team project is designed to give participants a chance to think creatively about some of the ideas discussed throughout the week and to apply them to an actual learning technology problem. All MTC teams worked through the same case scenario in years past. The MTC teams will be assigned by the faculty. The guidelines for this project are designed to give individual teams the latitude they need to apply their creativity and innovation to the project outcome. There are, however, a few common parameters for the final projects that will be covered during the program. Each MTC team will give a presentation on their project toward the end of the program.


  • Learn how to integrate and apply the concepts discussed throughout the program curriculum
  • Collaborate on a team-based approach to solve a hypothetical problem that draws on real-world issues
  • Apply the concepts discussed to form a cohesive team, communicate at an appropriate level, and problem solve using innovative strategies