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EDUCAUSE Policy monitors and analyzes the public policy issues that directly or indirectly affect IT in higher education and advocates on behalf of the community.

Current Topics

Net Neutrality
Higher education was instrumental in developing the Internet and, as one of the largest producers and consumers of Internet content, the higher education community has a special interest in guaranteeing the network remains as open as possible. 

IT Accessibility
Higher education has ethical and legal obligations to ensure that programs and services are accessible to all learners and employees, and as IT plays an increasingly integral role in higher education, whether IT is accessible can have a major impact on student success.

Cybersecurity/Data Privacy
Maintaining information security, compliance, data protection, and privacy are ongoing and ever-changing efforts for higher education institutions. 

News and Events

Higher Ed on the Net Neutrality Order

Get the scoop on how well the recent net neutrality order addresses higher education's concerns.

FCC Votes to Restore Strong Net Neutrality Protections

The FCC recently approved a new Open Internet Order that will keep ISPs from pursuing practices that would disadvantage higher education online. 

Congress and White House Push for Breach Notification Legislation

Both branches of government looking to craft federal breach notification law to preempt current patchwork of state laws.

Cyber Threat Information Sharing

Information sharing on cyber threats is a major issue this year. Legislation has already been introduced in Congress, and the president issued an executive order that encourages sharing of cyber...

Senate Holds Hearing on NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The February 4 hearing addressed the implementation of the NIST framework for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity in the private sector.

President Pushes Student Digital Privacy Act

On January 12, President Obama unveiled the Student Digital Privacy Act, legislation meant to safeguard student data at the K-12 level.


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Policy Discussion Group

The Policy Discussion Group focuses on campus technology policies and on understanding the legal and ethical environment in which those policies exist.