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Technology on a campus is ubiquitous; the challenge is no longer getting people to use the technology, but finding ways for institutions to use it effectively.  IT leaders in higher education need to focus on how the use of their IT services can help in reducing costs, enhancing productivity and helping their institution’s non-IT higher education leaders better understand the value and relevance of IT to their areas. 

Articles, Papers, Portals, and Reports

EDUCAUSE, with the help of a Lumina Foundation grant, will be pursuing Higher Education IT Assessment and Benchmarking Projects in 2014.

The NACUBO/EDUCAUSE Working Group on Administrative Services and Systems, February 2014.  This working group final report identified a broad set of proposals that EDUCAUSE and NACUBO might pursue to drive greater administrative cost-effectiveness across higher education.

The CIO-CBO Partnership, EDUCAUSE Review Online, January 2014. John Walda of NACUBO suggests that some of the basic issues of campus information technology are getting lost. Presidents need to a better understanding of IT issues or they will find it difficult to collaborate with their CIOs.

Five Questions Presidents Should Ask Their CIOs, EDUCAUSE Review Online, December 2013. To provide a framework that presidents and CIOs can use to discuss technology, the authors queried a number of presidents, CIOs, and other institutional leaders and identified five basic IT questions that presidents should ask their CIOs.

Good BI Governance is Just Good Business, EDUCAUSE Review Online, December 2013. Business intelligence success is contingent on three key concepts: the nature and drivers of BI, the quality of the BI governance model, and the operating culture in higher education.

The 4Rs of Metric System Design, EDUCAUSE Review Online, September 2013. When annual service satisfaction survey scores for students, faculty, and employees is less than 50 percent and descending, significant change and process improvement are required. This was the challenge facing the Yale University CIO, and the impetus for a new metric design and service improvement plan. This case study shares one of the initiatives implemented to address this challenge.

Five Guidelines for Instituting IT Value Measurement, ECAR Research Bulletin, November 2012. This bulletin outlines five recommendations to help advise IT leaders and others when implementing their own IT value measurement initiatives.

Presentations and Seminars

What Does Analytics Mean for Higher Education?, EDUCAUSE Sprint, July 2012. Hear what analytics means for higher education and IT from experienced leaders. Preview the results of a nationwide survey of analytics in higher education. Learn about the “big questions” analytics raises.

But Is It Quality?, EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Eaton, October 2013. While information technology is a primary driver of innovation, its ultimate role and effectiveness also rests on our willingness to focus on some familiar yet important questions.

EDUCAUSE Now: - #37 - 1) IT Helping Higher Ed Be More Nimble 2) Interview with Leah Lang, Service and Metrics Analyst, March 2011. We ask the question to several higher education IT leaders: How can IT help higher education become more nimble?

Why IT Matters: A President’s Perspective on Technology and Leadership, EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Podcast, Hrabowski, November 2008. This talk focuses on a presidential view of why IT does matter and how aspiring IT leaders can work with presidents to help their campuses innovate and succeed in addressing these important issues.

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