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Today’s IT organization must be resilient and visionary. To thrive in today's fast-paced environment, leaders at all levels of the IT organization, from the CIO to the help desk, must embrace everyday challenges while planning for the future. This collection of resources was created to help institutions prepare current and future leaders for the ever-changing higher education environment.

Successful Leaders and IT Careers: The EDUCAUSE 2015 Award Winners (EDUCAUSE Review November/December 2015)

The Chief Information Officer in Higher Education, 2014 Reports, CHECS, July 2014. This study provides information about higher education CIOs’ attributes, education, experience, and effectiveness and about the technology professionals who are likely to replace these CIOs.

Challenge Accepted! Why CIO Is the Best Job on Campus, EDUCAUSE Review Online, April 21st, 2014. In our inaugural transmedia piece, EDUCAUSE asks the question, is the CIO position the pinnacle of a technology career—or a powerless position? Five CIOs tell us why they think they have the best job on campus.

Filling the IT Leadership Pipeline: A Panel Discussion, EDUCAUSE Review Online, January 2012. Six CIOs and senior technology leaders talk about their backgrounds, the strengths and skills needed for future CIOs, and the challenges of preparing the next generation of CIOs. They list the most critical competencies for current and future CIOs, and they debate whether these competencies are changing.

Aspiring and Residing IT Leaders: A Legacy for the Future, EDUCAUSE Review Online, January 2012. Keith McIntosh, winner of the inaugural EDUCAUSE Rising Star Award talks about becoming a leader and developing future leaders in the IT professional community. He outlines three steps that aspiring leaders can take to cultivate their leadership skills and three steps that residing leaders can take to leave a lasting legacy.

The Higher Education CIO: Portrait of Today, Landscape of Tomorrow, EDUCAUSE Live! December 2011. This webinar highlights findings from a study of the same name from the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR).

Institution Leadership Programs

The Pennsylvania State University’s “IT Connects” IT leadership skill development program.

EDUCAUSE Professional Development – below is a list of Institute Programs, including audience and program objectives

Leading Change Institute

  • A CIO, librarian, information technology professional, or administrator with a least seven years’ experience
  • To learn how to create a collaborative community that takes leadership on critical issues to develop a platform for collective action

New IT Managers Program

  • An IT professional new to or aspiring to management
  • Outlines the basic skills critical for management and supervision of projects, units and people

Management Program

  • Existing manager with some supervisory experience
  • Practical skill development in effective management

Leadership Program

  • New CIO or an experienced senior-level leader aspiring to CIO/executive-level leadership
  • Critical success skills for executive leaders & keys to understanding institution-wide IT strategy

Learning Technology Leadership Program

  • Experienced individual in a learning technology position who aspires to a leadership role
  • To understand higher education leadership, attributes of effective leaders, and strategic skills for influencing decision-making

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