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Dynamic Catalog Generation

Saturday, January 1, 2005


Bates College determined that the process for generating print and Web versions of the course catalog needed streamlining and to include a primary goal of significantly reducing production costs. As a first step in cost reduction, the college moved to a biennial catalog production cycle. Need analysis began in late August 2003. The new process for completing the project was in place in August 2004 and resulted in both the print and Web catalogs being delivered in record time. A number of questions were addressed in developing the process: - Can authoritative catalog data be kept in a central location?- Can different administrative departments directly manage their components of the catalog? - Can access to the catalog data be administered in a consistent and uniform way? - Can the print catalog be generated automatically? - Can a dynamic Web catalog be produced from the print catalog source data? - Can all of this be accomplished with our current systems and only a small amount of custom programming?

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