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IT Service Center: Project Management Strategies and Implementation

Thursday, January 1, 2004


The Indiana University of Pennsylvania information support infrastructure is increasingly complex. Staff are expected to be more knowledgeable across technologies while rapidly expanding their knowledge base. Demands for true 24 x 7 support are also increasing. During a time of significant budgetary constraints and with lean staffing levels, the project management protocols established and developed after the founding of the Technology Services Center (TSC) in 1997 continue to prove their worth. Prior to the implementation of project management principles in the development of this new campus support structure, it was very difficult to discern the contribution of IT staff to the institutional mission. We understood that the creation of methods that directly connected staff talent and hard work to the mission would be critical to the development of largely satisfied customers, as well as improved IT staff morale. The strategy employed needed to foster professional development investment and articulate expectations.

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