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Privacy Officers around the Virtual Water Cooler

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This conversational webinar explores how three higher education Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs) are addressing current privacy challenges on campus.

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After inviting the campus to view "It's Not Just Facebook! What Every College Student Should Know About Online Privacy", I was dismayed to see the topic for today's session has been changed. 


I would encourage not changing topics once a webinar has been posted.   Although I'm sure the new topic will be interesting, countless schools will have advertised the wrong topic to the wrong audience.  I'm now looking at spending the rest of the morning re-emailing, re-tweeting, and re-facebooking the publicity for today's session. 


Thanks for considering the repurcussions of topic changes in the future. 


Best regards,

Dean Williams


My apologies for any confusion regarding our final Data Privacy Month webinar on January 30. As planning for the webinar began, we decided to broaden the scope of the discussion and allow our three speakers (all Chief Privacy Officers) to share their viewpoints on privacy issues currently affecting institutions. The first topic was social media, and we hoped to address Facebook and other online privacy issues through that initial discussion.

The title was changed about two weeks prior to the webinar, although you raise an excellent point that this would still mean re-publicizing the event for many institutions. We will take your comments into consideration as we plan for any Data Privacy Month activities in 2014. 

We hope that your campus efforts in January were successful. Please do not hesitate to provide additional feedback or suggestions for next year. 


Valerie Vogel, Program Manager, EDUCAUSE