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Reaching and Engaging Today's Learners

Monday, April 20, 2009


A Solutions in Action Webcast - Monday, April 20, 1:00 p.m. EDT

Today’s students are growing up amid exponential technological change. Ubiquitous computing and mobile devices allow them to operate in a type of third dimension, where face-to-face interactions are supplemented by an “always on” connection to virtual content and social networks. They create content, whether it’s remixing a video on YouTube or blogging about a summer backpacking trip. They share content, from posting photos on Flickr to exchanging biology notes with a classroom group on Facebook, and they are increasingly using digital and mobile devices to access content. How are our classrooms evolving to fully leverage the ways today’s students are accessing content and constructing knowledge?

Join us for this special hour-long Solutions in Action webcast as part of the EDUCAUSE Top Teaching and Learning Challenges, 2009 to learn how institutions are leveraging technology to reach and engage today’s learners. Each webcast features a lightning round of five-minute presentations from community members sharing how their campus is facing the challenge. No registration is required, and each session will be hosted online in Adobe Acrobat Connect to facilitate participant interaction with the speakers and with each other.

Session Archive:

Due to technical difficulties on the day of the event, users will experience a drop in audio after 40 minutes of presentation. Session presenters have agreed to share their Powerpoint presentations with the community and to make their email addresses available for follow-up questions.

Gardner Campbell and Shelby White, Baylor University <>


Barbara Knauff, Dartmouth College <>


Kelly Gredone, Marilyn Puchalski, James Sell, Bucks County Community College


Christopher Rice, Randolph Hollingsworth, University of Kentucky <>


Ellen Grabiner, Simmons College <>


Nils Peterson, Washington State University <>


Alisa Cooper, South Mountain Community College <>


Erin Long and Allan Gyorke, The Pennsylvania State University <>


Elizabeth Kiggins, University of Indianapolis <>

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