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Web Services Registry: The Foundation for SOA Governance

Friday, March 25, 2005


This 53-page research report from Burton Group analyzes the role of a Web Services Registry (WSR) in the Web Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment. In an SOA structure, governance processes, Web Services Management (WSM) and WSR ensure discipline and structure for the environment. Integration of WSM and WSR solutions extend the reach of SOA governance to encompass the complete service life cycle, from application design and registration to provisioning and runtime operations. Burton Group ( provides technically in-depth research and advisory services for colleges and universities, government agencies, and commercial enterprises. Burton Group's practical and unbiased research and advice helps technologists make smart IT infrastructure decisions in increasingly complex environments. Burton Group covers directories, identity management, application platforms, architecture, and network and telecom infrastructure topics. Like ECAR, Burton Group is an unbiased advocate for the user, and more than 80 percent of Burton Group's clients are user organizations rather than suppliers. EDUCAUSE member institutions can become users of Burton Group research services through EDUCAUSE pricing. Burton Group is an ECAR partner and can be contacted by email at or by telephone (801-373-5767).

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