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The Willamette Digital Video Portfolio Project

Thursday, January 1, 2004


Willamette faculty are constantly working to find ways to ensure that multiple learning modalities are addressed, and digital video has proven to be an interesting and effective means of meeting that need. Now that digital video has become more accessible to learners, Willamette faculty are seeking to use this medium to more actively engage learners in the learning process. In addition to addressing multiple learning modalities, we recognize the increased importance of developing our students' technology and visual literacy skills in the knowledge age. Perhaps more to the point, we appreciate how digital video excites, motivates, and engages both students and faculty. Digital video frequently provides a richer and more accurate means of expressing both overt and tacit information. Videos or multimedia (streaming video, short video clips, animations, QuickTime Virtual Reality, audio files, and so forth) tools can often convey more information in a matter of seconds than text can convey in hours or even days.

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