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Cyprien P. Lomas (The University of British Columbia)

Cyprien P. Lomas
Assistant Dean, Learning Technologies, and Director, LFS Learning Centre

Vancouver, British Columbia

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Dr. Lomas is the Director of The Learning Centre and Assistant Dean, Learning Technologies in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems (LFS) at the University of British Columbia where he oversees the integration of ICT, Instructional Support, and Teaching and Learning for the faculty. Ongoing initiatives include problem based learning, Blackboard support, and distance education. New projects include implementing student digital storytelling in core AgroEcology courses, incorporating emerging technologies into educational, administrative practices and several podcasting, digital storytelling and rich media projects.

Current projects include studying practices associated with 'social software' and student created content; the use of social tags to assist in new ways of sorting through content contained in blogs and videoblogs; the use of visual media to communicate educational content; digital storytelling, podcasting and the incorporation of this media into e-portfolios; and formal, informal and virtual learning spaces. Dr. Lomas also serves on the Advisory Group for the production of the Educause Learning Initiative’s '7 things you should know..' series on emerging technologies.

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EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative
August 2008
EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI)
August 2007
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May 2005
EDUCAUSE Review Magazine (Archives)
January 2005
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January 2004