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David Shipley (University of New Brunswick)

David Shipley
Director, Strategic Initiatives

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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David helps build and execute strategies designed to reduce cost, improve productivity, boost revenue and protect technology assets and information. He is in equal parts an innovator and tinkerer, a storyteller and a diplomat, a negotiator and a leader.

As the Director of Strategic Initiatives within Information Technology Services at the University of New Brunswick, David is responsible for finding creative solutions that turn complex technology headaches into sources of competitive advantage.

He has helped UNB become a leader in the innovative use of web, mobile and information security technologies. In the past six years years, he has led projects that reduced an unwieldy institutional website by more than 90% and re-organized it into an effective recruitment platform. In 2014 David led an effort that reduced UNB's mobile carrier costs by more than 44% while increasing service and institutional productivity. David also helped lead the launch of UNB's first mobile app in 2013, which was used more than 175,000 times by 7,700 users in its first year.

David has is also responsible for helping lead the introduction of new technologies and practices that reduced threats to UNB’s information security by 86% in 2013-2014.