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Janet Thomas Simons (Hamilton College)

Janet Thomas Simons
Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Initiative

Clinton, New York

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Janet Thomas Simons is Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) at Hamilton College. This liberal arts approach to integrating undergraduates in digital humanities is generously funded by two Andrew W. Mellon Awards (2010 & 2013). Janet's responsibilities include oversight and direction of the daily activities of the DHi to develop a collaborative community in which creativity, technology, and innovation lead to new methods of research, learning, and publication. This includes strategic planning in the use of technology, collaboration on grant proposals and budgets, management and communication of DHi projects, and creation of direct connections between DHi projects and the curriculum. She is engaged in faculty outreach and development; course design; identification and research of technologies appropriate to research projects and learning goals; and coordination of academic support services to meet teaching, learning, and research needs.

Janet's most recent activities include research and development of sustainable digital scholarship infrastructure and models for support of digital humanities research projects at liberal arts institutions. See Mellon Award 2013 & Mellon Award 2010

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