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Joshua H. Morrill (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Joshua H. Morrill
Sr Data Info Specialist (Evaluator)

Madison, Wisconsin

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Joshua H. Morrill, PhD started Morrill Solutions Research (MSR) in 2001 when asked if he could complete an evaluation of netLibrary resources that another consultant left unfinished. In completing this initial project, Joshua realized that there were many library, government and non-profit groups who needed high quality research but simply could not afford it.

MSR has worked on several projects that have explored the relationship between technology, libraries and teaching strategies. MSR has for the Computational Science Digital Reference Desk (CSERD) and the Applied Math and Science Education Repository (AMSER) for NSF. MSR has also examined several technology-driven teaching initiatives (i.e., use of podcasting and tablet PCs in the classroom). In addition to grant work, MSR has also worked extensively with other non-profit and government agencies. Most recently, Joshua has started working more closely with UW-Madison. MSR had been a consultant to Learning Solutions for many years, and when an evaluator position opened Joshua was asked to rejoin UW-Madison.

Joshua Morrill holds a PhD in communication science from the University of Wisconsin- Madison with a concentration in small group decision-making and quantitative analysis.


March 2015