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Lisa Guernsey (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Lisa Guernsey
Education and Technology Writer

Alexandria, Virginia

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Lisa Guernsey is an education, science, and technology writer. Her most recent book is Into the Minds of Babes: How Screen Time Affects Children from Birth to Age 5 (Basic Books 2007.) Until April 2002, when her first daughter was born, Guernsey was a full-time reporter at the New York Times covering technology and education. She came to the Times in 1999 after four years at The Chronicle of Higher Education as a technology reporter and editor for The Chronicle's website. Guernsey also maintains a blog called Media Minds and writes a quarterly newsletter about new research findings on media and children. Both can be found at In 2005, Guernsey was a Journalism Fellow in Child and Family Policy at the University of Maryland. In 2001, she was a Media Fellow at Duke University’s DeWitt Wallace Center for Communications. Guernsey holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in English from the University of Virginia.