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Steven Worona (Chestnut Hill Policy Center)

Steven Worona

Montpelier, Vermont

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Steve Worona is an independent speaker and consultant on Internet policy and law. Until July, 2011, he held the position of Senior Policy Director at EDUCAUSE, the professional association for IT leaders in higher education. He was the Founding Director of the EDUCAUSE/Cornell Institute for Computer Policy and Law and was the creator, producer, director, and host of "œEDUCAUSE Live!", a Webinar series featuring conversations with leaders of information technology in higher education. During his 35-year career at Cornell University, Steve developed CUinfo (the first Campus-Wide Information System) and Dear Uncle Ezra (the first online counseling service). He taught courses in Cornell's Computer Science Department and Graduate School of Management, founded Cornell's Computer Policy and Law Program, and managed award-winning projects in electronic publishing, digital libraries, programming languages, and factory automation. He has lectured internationally on a wide range of topics, focusing on the impact of technology on our social and legal systems. At EDUCAUSE, he worked on a broad spectrum of campus and national IT policy issues, such as intellectual property, privacy, network neutrality, broadband initiatives, and the .EDU top-level Internet domain. He holds degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science from Cornell and hangs out on IM and twitter as SLWorona.

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