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Mar 26th, 2014
1:50 PM - 2:40 PM
West Prefunction Area
Eastern Time
Middlebury College and UMass Boston are using Shared Shelf to manage image collections of faculty members who are on the verge of retiring (like architectural historian Glen Andres) or who need asset management and lack departmental support (such as evolutionary ecologist Rob Stevenson). Having flexible data models to fit particular projects as well as simple workflows that enable staff to translate metadata from the professor's brain into a database in an efficient way keep these collections from being lost and allow them to enter the institutional flow and usage. There are many such collections in many fields that will otherwise be lost without realistic and flexible workflow tools and best practices.

OBJECTIVES: Learn about software, services, and practices that help corral faculty members' image collections * Learn how to enlist faculty members' help to them let their assets persist and circulate digitally * Learn how local content can participate in the greater flow of content within and outside the institution, including scholarly society portals or open sites