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EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research

IT professionals and higher education leaders use ECAR research and analyses to predict, plan, and act on IT trends.


Core Data Service

Colleges and universities use CDS to benchmark their IT organizations and inform their IT strategic planning and management.

Programs and Resources

Address Top IT Issues

EDUCAUSE Top-Ten IT Issues and ECAR Top-Ten Strategic Technologies

Understand IT Needs

ECAR student and faculty research

Predict, Plan, and Act

ECAR research and analyses

Benchmark IT

CDS IT staffing, funding, and services

Dig Deeper with Data

Decision support based on EDUCAUSE data

EDUCAUSE Research Team

The Research Team provides services through ECAR and CDS. Research programs are guided by EDUCAUSE members, Board of Directors, Executive Team, advisory groups, and expert panels.

News and Events

How to Be Agile with Business Analytics

Get insights into increasing analytic agility with this new Gartner research for ECAR subscribers. 

Benchmarking Infographic (EDUCAUSE Review)

This EDUCAUSE Research Snapshot infographic explains how metrics and data benchmarks can inform planning.

IT Trends: What's Influential and What's Just Starting to Take Hold

61% or more of institutions confirmed that the four trends are exerting a major influence on their IT strategies.

IT Service Delivery: Current Methods and Future Directions

This report takes a close look at the shift in IT service delivery from the management of technologies to the management of services.

IPAS Evaluation and Assessment

This report compares and contrasts the evaluation and assessment experiences of four institutions that have recently launched IPAS projects.

Measure learning innovation with ELI's Seeking Evidence of Impact program.