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The 2016 CDS survey is open! Responses are due November 4, 2016 (deadline extended).

Review Survey Basics

Understand Survey Scope and IT Domain Definitions

A shared set of definitions increases the relevancy and accuracy of the survey.

Review Topics and Delegate Data Gathering

"IT Organization, Staffing, and Financing" is the only required module. Choose optional modules that best align with your strategic plans and benchmarking needs. If you delegate modules to subject matter experts, the spreadsheet (.xls) versions make it easier to share questions and responses.

Modules offered in 2016:

  • IT Organization, Staffing, and Financing (required; formerly "Module 1")
    • Quick Start (new CDS participants) .pdf | .xls
    • Complete Version (recent CDS participants) .pdf | .xls
  • Educational Technology Services (optional; formerly "Module 3") .pdf | .xls
  • Information Security (optional; formerly "Module 7") .pdf | .xls
  • Information Systems and Applications (optional; formerly "Module 8") .pdf | .xls
  • Capability and Technology Deployment (optional, new in 2016) .pdf | .xls


Get Started

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