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EDUCAUSE Comments: Making Federally Funded Educational Resources OER
August 4, 2015

On August 4, 2015, a group of 90 higher education and related organizations, including EDUCAUSE, released a letter asking the Obama Administration to establish a new policy on education, training…

IT Accessibility Risk Statements and Evidence
July 31, 2015

This document was created by the EDUCAUSE IT Accessibility Constituent Group to help identify accessibility risks that IT leaders should consider in their risk management process. …

Data, Technology, and the Great Unbundling of Higher Education
August 17, 2015

Colleges and universities must address several critical issues in the years ahead in order to prepare for the next seismic change: the unbundling of higher education. …

Designing IT Guidelines for Global Travel
August 17, 2015

Programs shuttling students, faculty, and staff to foreign destinations challenge university IT departments especially, in that foreign locations and governments can test established IT policies …

Closing the Credential Gap: Higher Education’s Accessibility Makeover
August 11, 2015

The launch of the 2015 Breakthrough Models Incubator When you gather a group of university leaders from across the country together in one room, you get widely varied perspectives on…

Limited Relief from FCC Ruling on Auto-Dialing/-Texting
August 7, 2015

(August 7, 2015) (EDUCAUSE telecommunications policy advisor, John Windhausen of Telepoly Consulting, provided the primary content for this post.) In early June, I wrote about the then-pe…

EDUCAUSE Supports Call to Make Federally Funded Ed. Materials OER
August 4, 2015

(August 4, 2015) A group of 90 higher education and related organizations, including EDUCAUSE, released a letter today calling on the Obama Administration to establish a new government-wide p…

7 Things You Should Read About Copyright in Online Education: Perspectives and Models
July 14, 2015

Concerns about copyright are an ongoing issue for instructors and librarians at colleges and universities. The resources in this issue explore the changing landscape of copyright in academic se…

Password Managers
July 14, 2015

Learn more about password manager tools, who might use these tools and why, as well as the benefits and risks to consider when using these tools. This resource also includes a list of technologie…

U.S. Reps. Rokita and Fudge Introduce Legislation to Safeguard Student Education Records under FERPA
August 3, 2015

Jen Ortega serves as a consultant to EDUCAUSE on federal policy and government relations. She has worked with EDUCAUSE since 2013 and assists with monitoring legislative and regulatory proposal…