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Enterprise IT Perspectives on the 2016 Top 10 IT Issues
January 11, 2016

Members of the EDUCAUSE Enterprise IT Program Advisory Committee considered four of the 2016 Top 10 IT issues that are particularly relevant to enterprise information technology. Below they descr…

Establishing Data Stewardship Models
December 18, 2015

In the current world of enterprise-wide systems, business intelligence, and metrics, administrative data are increasingly recognized as an institutional asset that need to be managed ca…

Building Institutional Analytics Maturity: Report from the EDUCAUSE/NACUBO 2015 Administrative IT Summit
October 19, 2015

In June 2015, nearly 200 higher education thought leaders representing information technology, business operations, institutional research, and business intelligence and analytics met in Seattle,…

Competency Based Education Technology Challenges and Opportunities
October 12, 2015

Growth in competency-based education has been stymied by a lack of software support. The Technical Interoperability Pilot incorporates vendor engagement on finding solutions that work together se…

Data-Intensive Science and Campus IT
September 28, 2015

Montana State University developed the Research Data Census to engage local research communities in dialogue about their data: size, sharing resources and behaviors, and interest in services. The…

Leveraging Analytics in Community Colleges
September 14, 2015

This literature review, list of definitions, and resources provide a guide for community college leaders evaluating analytics for their institutional technology to promote student success. In the…

Student Success: Everybody's Business, Especially IT
September 14, 2015

Improving student success requires seeing the whole system of undergraduate education in institutional data, and then working to integrate component parts to inform improvement. …

In-Memory Computing: ECAR-WG Technology Spotlight
August 14, 2015

In-memory computing helps make big-data analytics possible by keeping data in a server’s RAM rather than removing it to databases on separate disk drives. Keeping it at the cached l…

Data, Technology, and the Great Unbundling of Higher Education
August 17, 2015

Colleges and universities must address several critical issues in the years ahead in order to prepare for the next seismic change: the unbundling of higher education. …

EDUCAUSE Comments: NIST Controlled Unclassified Information Guidelines
May 19, 2015

In late 2014, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released an initial public draft of a new set of guidelines for federal agencies to follow in securing sensitive unclassifi…