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Application Security for Management, Project Managers, and Architects
March 25, 2011

Although Web application security is gradually improving, many project leaders, vendors, and programmers are still unaware of vulnerabilities that can expose confidential institutional data, allo…

Application Security for Developers and Quality Assurance Personnel
March 25, 2011

It is often the case that developers and software vendors are not fully aware of application security vulnerabilities. In many cases, these vulnerabilities can be prevented with training, more co…

Application Security for Database Administrators
March 25, 2011

Applying multi-layer security to protect sensitive or confidential data is the focus of most application security efforts. Inventorying and securing sensitive data and all applications, software …

A Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Education Programs
October 5, 2010

As the demands for public accountability increase for the higher education industry, institutions are seeking methods for continuous improvement in which they may demonstrate the level of quality…

Identity Finder Case Study
June 21, 2010

The University of Pennsylvania enacted a comprehensive Social Security Number policy in May of 2007. The stated purpose of the policy was to protect social security numbers by eliminating them, c…

Identity Assurance at Virginia Tech
March 23, 2010

In June, 2008, the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors passed a resolution on increasing administrative efficiencies through expansion of automated systems and enhanced security. The resolution charg…

Enhancing Application Security With a Web Application Firewall
February 17, 2011

UC Irvine has done extensive research in comparing the many different options short of physically testing each appliance. After meeting with each vendor, UC Irvine asked them to send a completed …

Implementing Whole Disk Encryption with Microsoft Windows Vista Bitlocker at the McIntire School of Commerce
October 22, 2008

The McIntire school, as part of a University of Virginia wide effort to eliminate and protect sensitive data, selected Microsoft Windows Vista's bitlocker drive encryption for securing data …

Implementing Information Security Governance Using ISO 27000
March 17, 2011

GSU's CIO sponsored the ISO 27001 certification initiative at Georgia State University in mid 2007 and the Information Security Department and Office of Disbursements were the first GSU depa…

Georgia State University's IT Procurement Review Process--Practical Approach to Assessing Risks of IT Projects
March 17, 2011

In late 2005, the Security Review Policy was adopted by the University, which states "Where appropriate, information security personnel will conduct risk assessments of technologies/processe…

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