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Ed Tech as Applied Research: A Framework in Seven Hypotheses
July 20, 2015

Key Takeaways Seven hypotheses explore the feasibility of educational technology — typically considered as supporting teaching and learning — as applied research by pro…

3 Social Media Strategies
July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015 …

Student and Faculty Perceptions of Telepresence Courses
July 20, 2015

Key Takeaways To deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote learning sites , Minnesota State University, Mankato, invested in telepresence-enhanced classrooms and then…

A Dialogical Approach to Learning Technology Success
July 20, 2015

Key Takeaways A dialogical approach to learning technology initiatives at Boise State University ensures transparency and buy-in from the campus community. Project m…

Anytime and Anywhere: A Case Study for Blended Learning
July 20, 2015

Key Takeaways Using live streaming with blended learning helps engage off- and on-campus students in real time and enhances the off-campus experience by incorporating synchro…

Taking Serious Games Seriously in Education
July 20, 2015

Games can serve as a means of not just developing domain-specific knowledge and skills but also identity and values key to professional functioning. The data from games enable understanding ho…

The CIO Minute: We've Been Too Successful
July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015 ERO1575 …

DISCOVERe Hub: A Model for a High-Tech Tablet Support Desk
July 6, 2015

Key Takeaways This case study provides an inside look at how Fresno State designed, built, and managed a student support desk for tablet-based learning during its pilot year. …

A Jedi Story: Gamification at Work
July 6, 2015

Key Takeaways Moving faculty and staff to Gmail and Google Calendar required quickly training IT professionals across campus to support the new systems — which were not a priorit…

Exploring Students' E-Textbook Practices in Higher Education
July 6, 2015

Key Takeaways A two-year university-wide study of students' e-textbook practices found that e-textbook use has increased and become broader demographically. Lower cost …