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(Meta)search Like Google
January 1, 2007

The time has come for libraries, too, to negotiate for rights to index full text. The time has come for libraries, too, to negotiate for rights to inde…

A Few Thoughts on the Google Books Library Project
February 13, 2008

Viewpoint A Few Thoughts on the Google Books Library Project © 2008 Charles Edward Smith. The text of this article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Der…

A Metadata Search Engine for Digital Language Archives
January 1, 2005

AbstractIn this article we describe the design and implementation of a full-featured metadata search engine within the Open Language Archives Community (OLAC). Unlike many digital library search en…

A Tale of Three (Federated) Searchers
January 18, 2007 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2007

Many libraries have begun integrating information services through a single federated searching interface. York College of Pennsylvania has wrestled with Sirsi's SingleSearch, TDnet's Sea…

An Arbitrage Opportunity for Image Search and Retrieval
June 2, 2009

A new paradigm for image search metadata collection is emerging exemplified by the Human Computation School's application of gaming principles to information science search challenges. In pa…

An interview with NITLE's Bryan Alexander and Michael Richwalsky
April 19, 2006

In this 29 minute recording, I sit down with Bryan Alexander, Director of Research at the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education and Michael Richwalsky, Web Administrator at …

Anatomy of Aggregate Collections: The Example of Google Print for Libraries
January 1, 2005

"This article offers some perspectives on GPLP in light of what is known about library print book collections in general, and those of the Google 5 in particular, from information in OCLC'…

Authorama: Testing If Google Can Restrict Public Domain Books It Offers For Download
January 1, 2007

"Freeing Google Books from Philipp Lenssen at Google Blogoscoped covers him trying an interesting experiment. Can Google dictate that public domain books that it has scanned and distributed on…

Authors Guild Sues Google Over Library Project
January 1, 2005

The latest challenge to Google's Print Library Project has come in the form of a lawsuit from the Authors Guild. Since Google announced its initiative to scan millions of books in several acad…

Case Study 9: The Open University of Hong Kong: The i-Counseling System
May 2, 2012

A case study from Game Changers Chun Ming Leung and Eva Tsang This chapter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License Need/Rati…