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Learning Space 3.0: When Real and Virtual Spaces Collide
September 30, 2008

Demands for flexibility, collaborative learning opportunities, and access to digital information are resulting in a new design paradigm for learning space that transcends academic disciplines. Co…

The Research Library as a Center of Learning: Noteworthy Trends and Complementary Assessment Efforts
September 30, 2008

For a decade, research libraries have increasingly turned their attention to the learning needs of undergraduates, best depicted in the emergence and evolution of collaborative spaces referred to…

Designing and Assessing Formal and Informal Learning Spaces
September 30, 2008

The San José State University Academic Success Center opened in October 2006 with a goal to increase student success by providing 21st-century technology, informal and formal learning spaces, an…

Designing Learning into Learning Spaces
September 30, 2008

An important goal of all learning space design is to make students and faculty successful in the practice of learning. The shift in focus from just classrooms to the more inclusive concept of lea…

Learning Architectures That Help Biology Students Reach the Pinnacle of Bloom's Taxonomy
September 17, 2008 | A session at the ELI 2008 Fall Focus Session

This session will present the academic architecture of a new course for entering biology majors and explore how the physical architecture of the Active Learning Classroom at the University of Minne…

Building Community with Virtual Spaces
September 18, 2008 | A session at the ELI 2008 Fall Focus Session

Building a community of learners can be especially challenging when working with online and distance education students. By using social networking tools like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Secon…

Poof! Now It's a Teaching Lab!
September 18, 2008 | A session at the ELI 2008 Fall Focus Session

Imagine designing a learning space where physics is not a barrier, or where weather, terrain, and daylight can be controlled. How about being able to change a learning space into something comple…