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Using Slate Tablets to Promote Active Learning
January 11, 2012 | A session at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2012

The "Experience IT" format offers a hands-on, highly interactive introduction to newer tools and technologies so you can explore their potential impact in the workplace and classroom and …

Beyond the Prototype: Scaling a Grassroots Tablet PC Pilot for Large-Scale Campus Integration
October 30, 2008 | A session at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Annual Conference

Presenting DePauw University's three-year tablet PC project as a model, we will offer guiding principles for strategically expanding grassroots initiatives to an entire campus and describe wha…

Blazing Tablets: Teaching and Learning in a Paperless/Wireless Environment
January 30, 2006 | A session at the ELI Annual Meeting 2006

In fall 2004, Dakota State University freshmen and sophomores were required to use Tablet PCs. This presentation will discuss library and composition faculty's teaching experiences and descr…

Integrating Tablets and Mobile Technology: Breaking Down the Large Class Through Active Learning, Practice, and Faculty Engagement
January 30, 2006 | A session at the ELI Annual Meeting 2006

This presentation will review the outcomes of a college-wide, multicourse Tablet PC Mobile Technology Initiative that can be scaled and implemented at other institutions. Participants will leave wi…

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