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Simplified Research Costing and Pricing at Oxford and Cambridge Universities
February 24, 2014

Key Takeaways Two research universities collaborated with a specialist software organization to create a full economic costing, pricing, and approval tool that enables the producti…

Podcast: Research Director for edX, Rebecca Petersen
September 27, 2013

This podcast features a conversation with Rebecca Petersen , research director for edX at MIT.  Rebecca's work at edX is focused on managing sponsored research and proof-of-concep…

Progress Report: NGLC Learning Analytics Projects
September 23, 2013

Think of learning analytics as the warning lights of online learning’s dashboard – that gleaming assemblage of dials and icons that alerts a driver at once if gas in the tank is running low, …

Trending Now: Recent News in the Postsecondary World of Next Generation Learning
August 23, 2013

Summer – at least in theory – offers us opportunities to step back, think about the big picture, and consider some of those analyses that have been published in recent months. In that spirit …

New Technology-based Models for Postsecondary Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Research Agendas
June 3, 2013

This report is the result of a National Science Foundation-Sponsored Computing Research Association Workshop held at MIT on January 9-11, 2013. This workshop developed a framework for understan…

Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research and Design
January 1, 2013

This report is a synthesis of ongoing research, design, and implementation of an approach to education called “connected learning.” It advocates for broadened access to learning that is socia…

Blended Learning in Practice: Introduction to Case Studies from Leading Schools
September 1, 2012

  In the summer of 2011, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation initiated a  series of investments intended to build a stronger evidence base within  the emerging field of blended …

Leadership Public Schools: Oakland R&D Campus
November 28, 2012

Updated November 2013 With this 9-12 school in Oakland, CA, Leadership Public Schools is expanding its role as “collaborative innovator,” working with teachers and students to design…

New Charter University
November 28, 2012

Updated October 2013 New Charter University delivers relevant, outcomes-driven learning and college degrees where the university’s courses and content are freely available on the Inter…

Altius Education's Ivy Bridge College
November 28, 2012

Updated January 2014 With NGLC grant funding awarded in 2012, Altius Education intended to build a robust data-gathering and analytics capability in their Helix learning platform and de…