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MOOCs—Key Legal and Policy Issues for Colleges and Universities
July 25, 2013

The National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA), ACE, and EDUCAUAUSE held a webinar on July 25th, 2013 on the key legal and policy issues regarding massive open online course…

Assessing Your Fiscal Bandwidth: Current Practices for Measuring IT Costs in Higher Education
May 14, 2013

Accurately and consistently measuring the cost of IT in higher education is an essential part of strategic IT management, yet according to IT leaders, cost data have proven elusive. What if a…

Big Research Support from a Small IT Organization: Montana State University Billings
February 1, 2013

For the typical, small central IT organization with limited funding, finding the adequate resources to provide requisite infrastructure, equipment, software, and technical support can be ch…

Generation Schools Network: West Generation Academy
November 28, 2012

Updated November 2013 This Denver public 6-12 school operated by Generation Schools Network, which opened in Fall 2012, redesigned the academic model to a rotational blended model for gr…

Democratizing Higher Education
October 11, 2012

In this keynote session from The Sloan Consortium Conference , Sebastian Thrun discusses his venture into MOOCs. In 2011, Thrun took his Stanford graduate level class online, and 160,000 stude…

Next Generation Learning: The Pathway to Possibility
April 3, 2013

“Next generation learning” is about engaging with today’s students through “next generation” teaching and learning designs. In this white paper, the authors present a distilled …

Leading with Stories
September 5, 2012

Carol Katzman is Vice President for Information Technology, Barnard College at Columbia University. Higher education technology leadership is rewarding, dynamic, and challenging. Du…

Technology and the Broken Higher Education Cost Model: Insights from the Delta Cost Project
September 5, 2012

Rita Kirshstein is the Director of the Delta Cost Project and a Managing Director at the American Institutes for Research. Jane Wellman is the Founding Director of the Delta Cost Project and t…

Analytics for Enterprise Efficiency and Effectiveness
July 26, 2012

Analytics: A 3 Day Sprint - July 26th, 2012 How is analytics used in the enterprise area? What kinds of data governance, policies and infrastructure need to be in place to ensure effective…

IT-Based Transformation in Higher Education: Possibilities and Prospects
March 19, 2012

If information technologies are to transform higher education, we must exploit opportunities and address problems. At the same time, transformed higher education cannot neglect important dimensi…