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Change Literacy in Higher Education
July 28, 2014

Key Takeaways Encouraging literacy about change management — change literacy — will help varied campus constituencies deal with ongoing change by developing their …

Project DAVID: Vocation and Reinvention in Liberal Arts Colleges
January 31, 2014

Project DAVID is about showcasing strategic reinvention underway across higher education. Phase one, focusing primarily on a set liberal arts colleges and universities that are part of the Evange…

Trending Now: Recent News in the Postsecondary World of Next Generation Learning
August 23, 2013

Summer – at least in theory – offers us opportunities to step back, think about the big picture, and consider some of those analyses that have been published in recent months. In that spirit …

Technology Innovation and Improvisation: Rhetoric and Reality
August 5, 2013

Elizabeth Coleman is President of Bennington College. Over the past several decades, the phenomena of technology, innovation, and improvisation have come to constitute a kind of hol…

Breakthrough Models Incubator Kicks Off Aided by Design Thinking
August 2, 2013

The inaugural cohort of the Breakthrough Models Incubator convened in Seattle last week to begin work on their collective goal. It’s an ambitious undertaking. They are seeking to do nothing…

The Unified Organization: Fighting the Silo Tendency
June 20, 2013

Abraham Lincoln said it well: "A house divided against itself cannot stand." We all know that there is strength in unity, and yet all too often, IT and library staff operate in silos …

Changing the Culture of an IT Organization, Whirlwind Style
April 11, 2013

Yale’s IT organization is in transformation mode. The journey over the past 18 months has covered everything: a major reorganization; a top-to-bottom and side-to-side implementation of ITI L…

EDUCAUSE 2012 Panel: A CIO's First Year
June 3, 2013

At the 2012 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, four panelists talked about a CIO's first year, sharing their experience and advice on learning the institutional culture, working with stakeholder…

Building Organizational Capacity for Analytics
February 25, 2013

Optimizing student success is the “killer app” for analytics in higher education . Intelligent investments in optimizing student success garner wide support and have a strong, justifia…

School Finance in the Digital-Learning Era
January 1, 2011

America’s system for financing K-12 education is not neutral about innovation and the use of new technologies. Indeed, that system is stacked against them. To remedy this, our education-fundi…