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Stephen Swart

Solutions Architect

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Wilmington, North Carolina


Stephen Swart
New Cyber Threats Put Higher Education in the Crosshairs
October 1, 2010

Cyber criminals and nation states have changed the game in computer attacks. Because of three special characteristics of colleges, they become a favorite target. In this fast-paced briefing you&#…

Cybersecurity: How safe are your data?
April 28, 2010

In an article in Nature , Jeffrey Perkel reports that many scientists want to keep their data and resources free; cybersecurity specialists want them under lock and key. …

7 Things You Should Know About DNSSEC
January 15, 2010

The Domain Name System (DNS) uses a distributed network of name servers to translate text-based web addresses into IP addresses, directing Internet traffic to proper servers. DNS was built withou…

Worried About Hackers? Buy Some Insurance
January 13, 2006

A rash of data breaches has more colleges seeking new coverage for the liabilities that follow Dennis A. Trinkle has been the chief information officer of Valparaiso University for only three …

iPhone Turned into Pocket-Sized Hacking Platform
October 2, 2007

"Be warned: One researcher says the iPhone could become the "perfect spying device," thanks to multiple security flaws." &quo…

Cambridge University researchers hack chip-and-PIN payment terminals
January 1, 2007

"Researchers at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. have demonstrated how a chip-and-PIN terminal used to authenticate credit and debit card transactions in that country can be compromised…

Defining Privacy — and Its Limits
January 1, 2007

"A student in a public university dormitory room had a "reasonable expectation of privacy" for his personal computer and its hard drive, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday. Th…

Major breach of UCLA's computer files
January 1, 2006

"Personal information on 800,000 students, alumni and others is exposed. Attacks lasted a year, the school says." "Personal information …

Incident Response at UT Austin
January 1, 2006

An interview with VP for IT Dan Updegrove. The recent break-in to an administrative database at the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin (TX), discovered April 21, 2006, may have compromised the…