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Addressing Academic Dishonesty in the Age of Ubiquitous Technology
September 5, 2012

Key Takeaways Technology can help fight cheating that is itself based on technology, especially with tweaking of assignments and assessments in a way that makes it …

Lapse in Cybersecurity Awareness Leads to Mistaken Plagiarism Charge
June 6, 2012

David V. Halbeisen ( ) is an IT professional in Washington, DC. Key Takeaways Cybersecurity awareness rarely receives the attention from higher edu…

The Digital Revolution and Higher Education: College Presidents, Public Differ on Value of Online Learning
August 28, 2011

This report, written by Kim Parker, Amanda Lenhart and Kathleen Moore, is based on findings from a pair of Pew Research Center surveys conducted in spring 2011.  Below is a list of topics discu…

Academic Integrity
June 23, 2010

"Academic Integrity" is a Cornell University web site that discusses the importance of academic integrity in regards to plagiarism and cheating. It includes videos and resources on copy…

Rational Ignorance in Education: A Field Experiment in Student Plagiarism
January 26, 2010

Despite the concern that student plagiarism has become increasingly common, there is relatively little objective data on the prevalence or determinants of this illicit behavior. This study, from …

Plagiarism Prevention Without Fear
January 26, 2010

Could student plagiarism actually be reduced? And could it be reduced not through fear of being caught, but through ... education? The evidence in a study released recently suggests that t…

Course Hero or Course Villain?
October 6, 2009

Professors worry that new companies might be making money from their copyrights while encouraging plagiarism among their students. Professors wor…

Plagiarism Videos at Rugers University
September 1, 2009

Videos from the Rutgers University Libraries explaining plagiarism to students. Videos from the Rutgers University Libraries explaining plagiar…

Penn State Copyright Perspectives
September 1, 2009

This Penn State University site was created to help students make sound decisions about the way they use media. Since intellectual property laws and guidelines are so complex and hotly debated, t…

Ball State University's Copyright for Students
August 5, 2009

This web site includes videos on student copyrights and Plagiarism. This web site includes videos on student copyrights and Plagiarism. …