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Open Wikis and the Protection of Institutional Welfare
February 7, 2012

Much has been written about wikis’ reliability and use in the classroom. This research bulletin addresses the negative impacts on institutional welfare that can arise from participating in a…

Mobile Internet Device Security Guidelines
June 29, 2011

This document is designed to help you develop mobile Internet device security policy, standards, guidelines or procedures. It is organized into steps you can follow to define your objectives …

Spam Doubles, Finding New Ways to Deliver Itself
January 1, 2006

According to spam-filtering company IronPort Systems, spam doubled from last year to this year, now representing more than 90 percent of all e-mail traffic. Much of the increase is attributable to …

Court sides with alleged 'vacation' spammer
January 1, 2006

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals concluded in mid-November that unsolicited e-mails advertising cruise vacations were permitted under the federal antispam law called the CAN-SPAM Act, even though t…

Spam Blocking Poll
January 1, 2006

Results of an informal Spam blocking poll from the EDUCAUSE CIO discussion list. Results of an informal Spam blocking poll from the EDUCAUSE CIO discus…

E-Mail: Paradigms, Options, and Outsourcing
November 7, 2006

E-mail is perhaps the most fundamental information technology tool in use today. In higheraeducation there are new options to consider that include outsourcing the infrastructure as well as the e…

Three Ways To Authenticate E-Mail And Stop Spam
January 1, 2006

Don't stop at filtering software. Sender authentication provides another defense against spam--but you'll have to choose from three methods. …

Supreme Court Won't Hear Spam Appeal
January 1, 2006

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a case involving the University of Texas (UT) and White Buffalo Ventures, which operates a dating Web site focused on UT students. In 2003, UT officials b…

Spammer Must Pay $11.2 Billion
January 1, 2006

A court has slapped a Florida spammer with an $11.2 billion fine, setting a new precedent for fines against spammers, though the ruling is unlikely to have much effect on the volume of spam. Intern…

Senate Panel Approves More Net-Policing Powers
January 1, 2005

A bill approved by a U.S. Senate panel would give the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) increased policing power and the authority to share with foreign governments information about spammers and othe…