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Models of Open Educational Resources: OpenCourseWare, Sofia, and the Open Learning Initiative
October 25, 2005

This research bulletin strives to clarify the complex landscape of open educational content by exploring the distinctions, challenges, and accomplishments among programs focused on opencoursewar…

Creating a Collaborative Information Technology Environment for Higher Education
January 1, 2002

Fuchs discusses the impediments to collaboration as well as remarkable current efforts that might point the way to the future of information technology in higher education. He indicates that "…

OKI Initiatives: A Look at Implementations
January 1, 2003

The Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) has many faces and projects all united by the collegial desire to improve education through the sharing of code and course content. Two OKI initiatives—Coursew…

How (and Why) to Listen to Heavy Metal: Participating in Standards Development Lets Higher Education Control its Destiny
January 1, 2003

One of the goals of the NLII is developing tools and standards to support new learning environments and creating market structures for the development of interactive learning materials. The NLII g…

The Open Knowledge Initiative in Practice
January 1, 2003

This presentation will summarize the process by which the OKI architecture evolved and then demonstrate, by example, some of the implementations that have been made of the OKI Service Interfaces. L…

The Open Knowledge Initiative
January 1, 2002

The Open Knowledge Initiative presents an open specification for the development of educational applications and course management environments. This session will introduce the OKI architecture thr…

Now What? The Future from an OKI/IMS/MERLOT Point of View
January 1, 2002

Learning infrastructures, learning technology, and learning objects are (almost) ready for use, and practical barriers to content sharing, user authentication, component interoperability, and colla…

Open Knowledge Initiative Summit: Do Current Learning Management Systems Promote Good Pedagogy?
January 1, 2001

Learning management systems (LMSs) are becoming an essential component in the higher education toolbox. Campuses are making enterprise decisions to deploy them as a foundation for technology-enable…

An Interview with ArtStor's James Shulman
December 13, 2005

In this 22 minute recording, we'll hear from ARTstor's James Shulman as he compares and contrasts the work of ARTstor with the likes of flickr , jstor , portico and th…

Sakai: A Collaboration Between the University of Michigan, Indiana University, MIT, Stanford, OKI, and the uPortal Consortium
October 21, 2004 | A session at the EDUCAUSE 2004 Annual Conference

Sakai is delivering an integrated open-source framework comprising an enterprise portal, a course management system, and a tool portability profile as a standard for writing future tools that can e…