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7 Things You Should Know About Cross-Institutional Collaboration
July 10, 2015

Colleges and universities collaborate on initiatives that individual institutions might not be able to accomplish alone, including infrastructure projects, course offerings, and new educational m…

Working as a System for the Citizens of the State of Georgia
August 25, 2014

When it comes to the delivery of IT services, the 31 institutions of the University System of Georgia work together as a system to ensure the delivery of more-effective technology solutions at…

The Many Faces of Shared Services at the University of California
August 11, 2014

While deployment of shared services can produce efficiencies, most don't realize the many different forms shared services can take. Making them effective is hard work and requires four cr…

June 2, 2014

If you’re a CIO or other senior level IT leader and you’re not actively looking to get out of the IT business, chances are you’re not doing your job right.   Economic challenges are …

Shared Services a Sustainable IT Future: An Alberta Perspective
October 28, 2015 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2015

The UAlberta is leading several initiatives to collaborate with higher educational institutions in Alberta to improve sector IT performance, shared ERP, shared data center, and the establishment …

Information Strategies in the Connected Age: How New Delivery Models Advance IT Investments from Operational to Transformative
October 2, 2014 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

Transformative IT initiatives require sound governance, a commitment to community development, and transparent exchange of information. Panelists from Oklahoma Christian University and the Texas …

Cooperation among French Universities
September 30, 2014 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

The French Ministry of Higher Education has initiated an action to encourage cooperation among universities at the regional level (UNR: Regional Digital Universities) to improve digital services fo…

The Mouse That Roared: A Small Consortium Making Big Payoffs
April 29, 2014 | A session at the EDUCAUSE LIVE! - The Mouse That Roared

The NY Six Liberal Arts Consortium has launched a series of initiatives that have produced big payoffs. Join us as the presenters share the experiences of their library and IT departments in over…

Enterprise Collaboration: Two Colleges, One Shared System
April 30, 2014 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Connect: Baltimore

Haverford and Bryn Mawr colleges have embarked on a multiyear partnership to build shared enterprise administrative systems that enable a seamless experience across the two institutions for stude…

Highlights of the 2011 ECAR Symposium: IT as a Game Changer
September 21, 2011

This ECAR research bulletin presents highlights from the 2011 ECAR Symposium, held July 28–29 in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to a synthesis of keynote talks by Doug Lynch, University of Pen…