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The Game is Changing. What Will Be Expected of You?
June 6, 2012

“When we were doing our studies for the National Academies, the typical first response of university presidents or CFOs or provosts was to say: ‘I understand things are changing very rapidl…

What Do We Have in Common?
March 23, 2012

“Today, the distribution and reuse of information digitally via the Internet is rapidly changing the game, rewarding those who instead aggregate and scale toward a common infrastructure. It i…

EDUCAUSE Member Update and Input Session, September 13, 2011
September 13, 2011

Topics that were covered in the September 13, 2011 Member update included: Enhancements to EDUCAUSE Review 2011 Membership Survey Highlights New Policy Initiatives: Pol…

What Were the Most Popular EDUCAUSE Review Articles of 2011?
January 23, 2012

The ten most widely read online EDUCAUSE Review  articles from 2011 focused on current IT issues, the future of higher education, gamification, mobile learning, social media, and academ…

November/December EDUCAUSE Review: IT Professionals -- Plumbers or Strategists?
November 14, 2011

According to the Pew Research Center, 57 percent of survey respondents said that higher education fails to provide good value for students and families. The latest EDUCAUSE Review discu…

September/October EDUCAUSE Review: Doing Better with Less
September 22, 2011

In a recent ELI survey , 71 percent of respondents agreed that their campus is receptive to reports of evaluation projects. However, only 15 percent gather evidence systematically, and only …

Tune In Today -- Member Update Online Session
September 13, 2011

Join us today, Tuesday, September 13, 3:00–4:00 p.m. ET (UTC-4); convert to your time zone . Find out what's new at EDUCAUSE and contribute your thoughts on what the as…

Upcoming Member Update: September 13, 3-4 p.m. ET
September 6, 2011

Join us for the next EDUCAUSE Member Update, hosted by President Diana G. Oblinger , on Tuesday, September 13, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. ET (UTC-4); convert to your time zone …

What's Your Preferred Online Reading Format?
June 3, 2011

We want to know how you prefer to read your EDUCAUSE Review . Please help us meet your needs and plan for the magazine's future with this one-question poll . So far PDFs and iPad/iPhon…

March/April EDUCAUSE Review Attempts to Get a Handle on Mobile
April 7, 2011

The latest issue of EDUCAUSE Review offers perspectives for “Getting a Handle on Mobile,” as contributors discuss how mobility and mobile technologies are influencing ou…