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Readiness Precedes Action: An Academic Continuity Framework to Organic Resilience
September 30, 2014 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

Recent campus disruptions, security breaches, outages, and disasters have highlighted the importance of enhancing and maintaining operational resiliency. Explore the proactive risk management sol…

Irene/Katrina Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
November 9, 2011

Disaster recovery and business continuity are no one’s favorite topics on a good day; in times of economic downturn, making the case for being prepared may be even more difficult. However, the…

At Least It Wasn’t a Football Weekend: The Notre Dame Tunnel Fire
October 6, 2009

This ECAR research bulletin discusses how the University of Notre Dame created and refined its incident response plan, how the utility tunnel fire of August 28, 2009, played out within that fram…

Results of the National Campus Safety and Security Project Survey
July 17, 2009

Emergency preparedness is a priority for all colleges and universities, with a large majority reporting that they have instituted campus-wide emergency preparedness plans covering a wide spectrum…

Flu Pandemic Prep
February 20, 2007

With the possibility of a deadly flu pandemic-today's worry being avian flu-good planning may be the best medicine. Is your school prepared? …

The Multi-Dimensional Nature of Emergency Communications Management
January 16, 2009

© 2009 E. Michael Staman, Mark Katsouros, and Richard Hach. The text of this article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License ( http://creativec…

The Role of IT in Campus Security and Emergency Management
October 16, 2008

Vulnerabilities on the campuses of our nation's colleges and universities have come into sharp focus in recent years, dominating headlines with what seems like increasing frequency and great…

A Shifting Landscape:  Emerging Challenges & Opportunities
August 19, 2008

This presentation was from the EDUCAUSE Summit "The Role of IT in Campus Security and Emergency Management". The purpose of this August 2008 summit was for colleges and universities to …

Hazards and Hurricanes: Hallmarks of IT Readiness, Response, and Recovery
October 14, 2008

This ECAR research bulletin provides five hallmarks for IT readiness, response, and recovery in the face of a devastating natural disaster. It is based on an ECAR interview with the deputy CIO of…

Emergency Overload
September 24, 2008

Weeks after enacting law requiring colleges to develop emergency response plans, Congress prepares to pass bill requiring colleges to develop emergency response plans. …