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EDUCAUSE Core Data Service 2013 Almanacs
February 27, 2014

These two-page, easy-to-scan summaries distill CDS data in a variety of categories that include IT Financing, IT Staffing, Support Services, and many other service areas. All Non-Speciali…

Central IT Support Services
August 12, 2013

This CDS Spotlight focuses on data from the 2012 Core Data Service to better understand how higher education institutions provide central IT support services . Information provided for this sp…

Information Security
June 14, 2013

This Spotlight focuses on data from the 2012 Core Data Service (CDS) to better understand how higher education institutions approach information security activities. Information provided …

2012 CDS Executive Summary Report
January 24, 2013

This report summarizes results from the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service (CDS) survey. Using a matched set of 616 CDS 2011 and CDS 2012 participating institutions, this year’s report is a detaile…

Podcast: Core Data Service 2012 Results
November 28, 2012

Speaker: Leah Lang, Senior IT Metrics and Benchmarking Analyst, EDUCAUSE   Where does IT stand today? In this session we'll examine the state of IT in higher education using ke…

The 2011 Enterprise Application Market in Higher Education
June 14, 2012

Key Findings Almost every college and university (>95%) delivers a set of six core applications: student information, HR/payroll, finance, e-mail (for faculty and staff and for students)…

Information Security Benchmarking Using the Core Data Service
May 8, 2014 | A session at the Security Professionals Conference

Learn how the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service can help you benchmark the services that you offer in your information security program against those of other institutions. This session will review 2013 C…

If I Had a Million Dollars
March 20, 2012

This ECAR Research Bulletin focuses on EDUCAUSE Core Data Service (CDS) survey results related to a somewhat lighthearted but insightful hypothetical question about how two constituent groups mig…

CDS Reporting Demo
May 7, 2014 | A session at the Security Professionals Virtual Conference 2014

Learn how CDS Reporting can help you benchmark your research and high-performance computing data against your peers with Leah Lang, manager of the Core Data Service. Are you from a CDS participatin…

CDS: Analyzing Your Data
February 9, 2012

Leah Lang , EDUCAUSE senior IT metrics and benchmarking analyst and Pam Arroway , EDUCAUSE senior statistician, will demonstrate new tips and tools for data analysis using both Excel and S…